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Culinarian’s Code

As a proud member of the American Culinary Federation, I pledge to share my professional knowledge and skill with all culinarians. I will place honor, fairness, cooperation and consideration first when dealing with my colleagues. I will keep all comments professional and respectful when dealing with my colleagues. I will protect all members from the use of unfair means, unnecessary risks and unethical behavior when used against them for another’s personal gain. I will support the success, growth, and future of my colleagues and this great federation.


A Special Message from our President

Chefs Marcel Bonetti, CEC, AAC, and Steve Oshita

I, like so many other chefs throughout the country, was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chef Bonetti. I had the honor of doing my apprenticeship under him starting in the early 90s and worked under him for several years . Chef Bonetti was instrumental in laying the ground work for professional kitchens, and his legacy can be seen throughout the Ozarks, and without exaggeration, the entire country.

Chef Bonetti started the Springfield/Branson Chefs’ Association in the 1980’s and was still an active member today. Chef worked tirelessly for The Springfield Branson ACF in establishing the highest levels of education and certifications for its membership. He himself had reached the level of Certified Executive Chef as well a membership with the American Academy of Chefs.

Chef Bonetti was instrumental in bringing the Culinary Arts department to Ozarks Technical College in the early 1990’s. Chef helped guide and proctor countless chefs to gain certification throughout the United States. As the President of the Springfield/Branson Chefs’ Association, I am afforded the opportunity of attending both regional and national conventions. Whenever I am introduced as being from Springfield Missouri, Chef Marcel Bonetti’s name is instantly attached with the Chapter. It was an honor to have worked under him and alongside him to learn the value of being a true professional. His work and legacy has touched anyone who has picked up a knife or worn a white chef’s jacket.

On behalf of the Springfield/Branson Chefs’ Association, I would like to give out our dearest condolences to Chef Bonetti’s family, friends and staff. He was always a true professional and role model to myself and countless others.

Bon Appetit,

Chef Aaron Gregory, CCC
President, Springfield/Branson Chefs’ Association